“An intentional space for fostering exploration
and growth of the
mind, body and spirit. “

About Zenbuzzys

Everything you need to take you to the next level. 

     ZenBuzzys is an online spiritual e-commerce marketplace and community. ZenBuzzys is a spiritual marketplace and community. ZenBuzzys is a one stop place for spiritual practitioners and seekers. Practitioners can sell products, services, courses, events, and retreats to the spiritual seeker. Spiritual seekers can find their next spiritual teacher/healer, learn a new healing modality, or attend an event or retreat. The Community offers an opportunity to engage other spiritual seekers through the discussion board and social media platform. Read informative blog posts. Watch the podcast or listen to inspiring spiritual and interesting paranormal radio shows to expand and enrich our personal human experience. A place for expressing, creating, sharing diverse ideas and conversations

The A to Zen Place for Healers, Lightworkers and the like looking for a place to connect with seekers looking for answers.

Mission Statement

Helping humans
evolve to elevate
the human experience.

Vision Statement

To be an international catalyst
for self healing.

The Inception of ZenBuzzys

ZenBuzzys was founded in 2021 by Founder Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson. The spark of inspiration  for ZenBuzzys online marketplace and community came through Julie Ann’s own personal spiritual healing. The Pandemic of 2020 allowed Julie to expand on her original business intentions with Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations. That intention was to bring together a multitude of healers in order to serve one another and those in the community. She started “Spiritual Alchemy Energy THE podcast with Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson with the same intention.

In an Akashic records channeling session Julie Ann received a message in which Julie Ann was to do a website. She was provided very little details on what that website might be.  Over the course of months Julie Ann realized that she had to go back to her own original intentions with her business and podcast; as well as being a healer and knowing what healers and seekers might want in a website – ZenBuzzys was created from intention, spirit, wisdom, experience and a lot of hard work. 

There is nothing greater than seeing something come to fruition from a spark of inspiration and hard work.

Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson

Creator of zenbuzzys.com