We are all human – an equal species yet intrinsically unique individually. Each and everyone of us have special traits and hold beauty that is inherent only to us. We all want our specialness to be acknowledged and celebrated. We tend to run around and judge one another and separate into classifications that do more to divide us rather than bring us together. Is there something that we can do in our daily life that would impact society in a powerfully positive way? What would that be for you? How could you personally change the world just by being you – a human sharing this existence and experience?

For me, I believe that the world could be changed if we could all be kinder to one another and to ourselves. We are all humans that have created a world of division and of inequality. It is up to us to rewrite this human script we have written. There are some powers in the world exist for their own devices – their ego of power, control and manipulation. It is in my opinion that we as the human race have the power to make the earth a place of kindness, love and community of helping one another. Each one of us as humans have been raised by our families, cultures and society to believe certain beliefs that direct our human behavior. 

We need to ask ourselves these tough questions to understand whether or not our beliefs and modes of behavior truly serve us positively. Are we really as open minded as we say we are? Are we willing to examine ourselves? Are we willing to change? Most often defeating beliefs come from a place of trauma and not having processed in a healthy life way. There are many sources of trauma. We carry our own trauma. Some trauma we may be completely unaware that we are carrying around. We may inherit trauma from the our families. Unhealed traumas are often passed down from one generation to the next. Some traumas come from our society or culture in which become the norms of the collective consciousness.

Unhealed traumas create and form our beliefs and perceptions which can have a huge impact on our experiences and our interactions in the world. Our collective trauma experiences can also create and form beliefs and patterns of behavior of individuals, groups and cultures. Trauma is the one thing that we all share as humans – it makes us human.

Becoming free of trauma driven behavior requires that we personally make a decision and a commitment to our individual healing. It can be a long process of self inventory and analysis of our own beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. In the process of doing this we could possibly find the originals of our traumas and beliefs, thus giving us a better understanding of how we personally operate. We may even find those inherited traumas and beliefs that no longer serve us or society. If each person would take responsibility for their own healing by extension our community and world is forever changed for the better.

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